Cincinnati Date Ideas - Hirlinger Blog

New Year’s is past, which means the next major holiday to prepare for is Valentine’s Day. For couples everywhere, Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic events of the year, especially if you plan the night carefully. We at Hirlinger Chevrolet have crafted a list of Cincinnati date ideas to help you make the most of the holiday.

First, start by cleaning out your car and taking it in for service. Nothing kills a romantic date quicker than a funky odor or a dead battery. Once your ride is cleaned and serviced, you can get to work planning a romantic evening without having to worry about transportation.

According to Date Night Cincinnati, one of the best ideas for a fun date is to take some local classes. You can take painting classes at Eat, Drink, Paint or Painting with a Twist — two local spots that are great for beginners — or you can try your hand at cooking with classes at The Spicy Olive and the Macaron Bar. Chocolate making may appeal to some as well — just be sure to keep your date’s preferences in mind.

If you’re both active, try going to a workout class to get your blood flowing. For those who love the outdoors, you can visit some local parks (though you may need to bundle up). Plus, there’s virtual golf at Swing 365 — perfect for those who love sports but don’t love the cold.

Naturally, there are great restaurants in the area! While flowers, chocolate, and dinner are not unusual for some dates, don’t be afraid to break with tradition in lieu of something more fun.