Essential Summer Service for Your Chevrolet | West Harrison, IN

When you’re ready to plan your summer vacation, remember to factor in seasonal car maintenance. At Hirlinger Chevrolet in West Harrison, Indiana, we have a team of expert service technicians who are prepared to prime your vehicle for the summer season.

Tires and brakes

Driving with improperly inflated tires is not only detrimental to your fuel economy — it’s also dangerous. Our Chevrolet Certified Service experts are available to check your tire pressure before you head out on your next road trip. And if driving on harsh winter roads has worn out your tire tread, or even your brakes, we can help outfit your vehicle with replacements. 

Air conditioning

With the days heating up, you and your passengers will want the relief of a properly working air conditioner. Our service team can inspect your A/C to make certain it’s clean and fully functioning.

Coolant check

Aside from passenger comfort, it’s also important to keep the engine cool. That’s why we recommend checking your vehicle’s cooling system to ensure the coolant levels, hoses, belts, and radiator are in top shape.

From oil changes to battery tests, our friendly service experts will make sure your vehicle is ready to venture up to the Great Lakes or out to the East Coast. To keep your vehicle running smoothly for the duration of your summer vacation, give us a call or schedule an appointment online with our service department at Hirlinger Chevrolet.