Great Accessories for Your Chevrolet Truck | West Harrison, IN

Looking to get the most out of your Colorado or Silverado 1500? Here’s a look at some of the best accessories you can buy for your Chevrolet truck.

Tonneau covers

Protect your cargo from the elements and prying eyes with a handy tonneau cover. These covers come in a variety of forms, including soft fabric covers and hard plastic locking versions that are particularly helpful for preventing theft.

Rear-seat entertainment

If you’ve got little ones along for the road trip, consider investing in a headrest-mounted rear-seat entertainment system. It’ll keep the kids happy and engaged, making long car rides easier for everyone.

Cargo carriers

Need to haul more than your Silverado’s 89.1-cubic-foot cargo box can carry? Check out the many hitch-mounted cargo boxes available for Chevy trucks. They’re perfect for carrying everything from bikes to cargo boxes full of camping gear.

Floor mats

If you like to get down and dirty with work and play, consider a set of floor mats for your Chevy truck. These tailor-made mats make it easy to clean the cabin – and keep your truck’s carpet looking spiffy.

If you’re looking to customize your truck, order genuine Chevrolet accessories from Hirlinger Chevrolet in West Harrison, Indiana.