Chevrolet Suburban in West Harrison, IN

For the first time in history, an automobile has received an Award of Excellence star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Chevrolet Suburban earned the award for its many appearances in television shows and films, making it a worthy recipient.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce unveiled the Walk of Fame star this past December 2019 at a Hollywood Boulevard ceremony fit for the most acclaimed of Hollywood actors. With this star, the Chevy Suburban celebrates 67 years of experience on the screen.

Its first appearance was in 1952, and since then the Suburban has had screen time in over 1,750 TV shows and movies. The famous SUV has kept busy, doing at least one film a year since 1960 and at least one television series a year since 1956. Thirty of the films that have featured the Chevy Suburban were nominated for an award.

The Suburban has had no trouble getting cast in a wide range of roles, thanks to its versatility. It can play everything from the family car to the villain’s automobile. Its inability to be typecasted is part of what earned it its Walk of Fame star.

Following in the Suburban footsteps is the Chevy Tahoe, which has had a role in at least one TV show a year since 1995. Together, the Tahoe and Suburban have been in over 2,500 movies and series.

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