Thanksgiving Dinner in West Harrison, IN

There’s a lot to juggle when you’re preparing a Thanksgiving feast. But, with a few hacks, you can save money, improve your flow of cooking, and make Thanksgiving a breeze.

Use a Cooler to Clear the Fridge

When it’s meal prep crunch time, you need all the fridge space you can get. Instead of shoving condiments and last week’s leftovers aside to make room for a casserole, get all unnecessary items out of the fridge for the day. Just fill a cooler with ice and use it to store these perishables out of the way.

Makeshift Pie Weights

Lots of pie crust recipes will ask you to fill your pie shells with pie weights during the pre-bake to keep it from puffing up. If you don’t have pie weights, don’t bother running to the store. Instead, line the crust with foil and use pennies, dried beans, uncooked rice, or anything with a little weight to it.

DIY Roasting Rack

The roasting rack is another kitchen item that you probably won’t use often, so save the money and make a DIY version out of aluminum foil instead.

Mashed Potato Warmer

You could finish your mashed potatoes early to focus on other recipes, but what if they get cold? There’s no need for that concern when you reserve your slow cooker as mashed potato warmer. Just keep it set on low and give your taters a stir every hour or so, and they’ll be good to go when mealtime comes around.

Gravy Warmer

Protect your gravy from the same chilly fate by keeping it in a thermos until it’s time to serve.

At Hirlinger Chevrolet, we’re excited to ring in the holiday season with our local community.