Airless Tires | Hirlinger Chevrolet Blog | West Harrison, IN

Airless tires sound like a cool idea, but for the most part, they’ve been nothing more than that — until now. GM and Michelin have teamed up to work on developing a real, practical, usable airless tire. What they’ve come up with is already being tested, and may ultimately become a solution to the potential dangers and inconveniences of traditional tires.

As much as some drivers might think it a pain to check tire pressure regularly, airless tires offer more than convenience. The advanced design is meant to replace traditional tires with something that will never blow out or go flat on a busy highway. Airless tires are a safer option, and should also be longer-lasting than the regular option. Because of this, airless tires could cut down on waste, and since Michelin plans to make Uptis tires from renewable resources, they will surely be the greener options. 

The GM and Michelin airless tire prototype has been named ‘Uptis,” which stands for “Unique puncture-proof tire system.” The goal of Uptis tires is to offer an air-free alternative that provides a ride that’s just as smooth and comfortable as normal tires. The prototype is made with a balance of composite rubber and resin-embedded fiberglass, which, according to GM and Michelin, has proved to be a reliable, durable replacement for regular tires.

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