resolutions for your car | Hirlinger Chevrolet | West Harrison, IN

This new year, along with focusing on your own health and well-being, don’t forget the health of your trusty vehicle. Here are four resolutions for your car that will help keep it clean, safe, and running smooth in 2019.

  • Keep Your Car Clean. Just like you shower on a regular basis, you should keep your car clean, too. Once a month, give your car a thorough wash and give the interior a good cleaning.
  • Get New Tires. If the soles of your shoes were wearing out, you would buy new ones. Even more important than your shoes are your car’s tires. If the tread is running low, your car could lose traction, which could cause an accident. Inspect your tires regularly to look for signs of wear.
  • Buy Some Accessories. Help your car stand out from the crowd with some fun accessories. Whether you’re looking to amp up its performance, sharpen its looks, or make the cabin more comfortable, you can find plenty of add-ons that fit the bill.
  • Take Your Car in for a Check-Up. Just like regular doctor’s appointments help you stay in good health, regular service appointments keep your car in good running order.